Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trick and Treat

Buddy has learned a total of two 'tricks'--Spin and shake. I feel so accomplished! Not really. To be honest, the thought to teach him tricks, as in beyond just basic obedience, hadn't occurred to me until I began looking into clicker training. Turns out, Buddy loves learning new tricks that make me giggle, and I must admit, I enjoy showing him off to friends and family.

Speaking of clicker training, I'm looking to buy a clicker and switch Buddy over to it, hopefully in the next day or so. I'll be sure to do a review on clickers and click&treat training. I've been using Positive Reinforcement (PR or +R) up to date, but I've heard good things about using a click to mark the behavior you're looking for. Can't wait to write about the differences in the two.

Shaking with my sister in law

Enjoying his reward

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