Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today, my Wisdom Panel arrived! Look forward to a proper review on it in the next few weeks, when my results come back.

So anyways, part of activating the test online, is knowing your dogs weight. Cue me freezing, thinking, and realizing I had no idea how much Buddy weighed. When people asked, I always cited him at 40 pounds--but really, that was just a guess. I was clueless.

So I called my vet and asked if I could bring him in for just a weigh, and to my relief, they said they would have lull in appointments around 2:00 pm, bring him on in. Wooh!

So 2 o'clock rolled around, and I loaded Buddy into our hatchback, only to discover his fear of moving vehicles. I admit, he hasn't been in one since puppy hood, but I hadn't expected him to completely forget having rode in a car before!

This onset of fear has come at a bad time, as we're planning a vacation to the beach in a few weeks. A 6-8 hour drive, me, my mother, and both dogs; Now Buddy's scared of cars.

I'll work on counter conditioning him for the next few weeks--Keep your fingers crossed that by the time we pack our bags, he'll love hopping into the car! Oh, and if anyone was wondering, Buddy weighs in at 47 and a half pounds. My big boy!

Do I look 47.5 pounds to you?

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