Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh, Rats!

Ready to find out what Sophie's snuggle-competition is?

Drumroll, please.....

Rats! (as if the title didn't give it away) I picked up a trio of rats yesterday from a breeder, after two-three months of preparation and getting tortured by seeing their baby pics on Facebook. I've named them Siren, Selkie, and Sedna, all three from mythology pertaining to the ocean. I really wanted ocean themed names, and was going to get just a pair, but the breeder messaged me to say that she had re-thought her female keepers, and I jumped at the chance to add on a girl I'd admired since she was just a few days old.

Their cage, a modified bird cage, empty,
the night I set it up.

And the girls! The names on the pics are the one's they had at the breeders

Siren, left, and Sedna, right, day 7
Siren, day 9
Siren, day 11
Siren, day 17
Siren, day 21
Siren, day 27
Siren, day 30
Siren, day 33/34
Sedna, day 9
Sedna, day 11
Sedna, day 17
Sedna, day 21
Sedna, day 27
Sedna, day 30
Sedna, day 33/34
Selkie, day 7
Selkie, day 9
Selkie, day 11
Selkie, day 17
Selkie, day 21
Selkie, day 27
Selkie, day 30
Selkie, day 33/34

In the home-made travel cage on the way home.

A little free range/bonding time at home.

Settling in.

They even have their own blog! I couldn't resist. I post on Black and White Sunday, Wordless Wednesday, and do actual written posts on Fridays. You may have seen it pop up in blog hops even! Pint Sized Paws is the name! (and the link) Check it out!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sophie Saturday

Sophie's favorite time of the year is fast approaching--sweater season! She loves curling up inside my hoodie to take a nap, so I have to get them a size or two too big to make room for her to snuggle inside. This year she might have some competition with a few newcomers to the house. I'll share more Monday, but until then, who wants to put in a guess or two? Hint: they're not dogs, but are pets.

Warm and snuggly!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Detective Buddy

Buddy decided our garage needed a thorough inspection this morning.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Buddy and I have taken up running! I'm not very good at it just yet, I've let myself get really out of shape. I can't even run consistently--I'll run a little, walk a little, on and on. I could walk all day long without stopping, and have quite a few times, but running is apparently going to be a problem.

I also experience a lot of pain in my right ankle after running, as a result of an untreated injury when I was 14. I can't say whether or not the bone was broken, as I couldn't afford a doctor at the time, but I don't think a sprain would still hurt four years after the fact. Let me just say that ice is a God-send right about now.

Buddy, of course, has no problem. He loves it, almost as much as when I clip his long line on and let him run when we're hiking.

Tired pup.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


So, I touched on the jealousy that Buddy's been displaying since I've started babysitting my niece, but I really feel it's getting out of hand. This morning he tried to jump in my  lap while I was holding her! He's started acting up, jumping when he knows he shouldn't, resource guarding (which has never been a problem before) and hiding when I ask him to go in his crate. And those are just a few little things off the top of my head.

I'm getting desperate here. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting him to accept her?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not Dead (Promise)


Just so you know. I haven't even started yet, and I'm already going crazy. I've run into so many issues trying to enroll for the spring semester, I'm considering just going to community college, or waiting until next fall. I simply cannot find an apartment that would let me keep Buddy and that I would feel comfortable in. Thought I found the perfect place, but signed up for news reports, and the frequency with which "Violent" popped up in the headlines, I changed my mind.

Buddy's doing well, except for the jealousy. My brother has started letting his daughter stay the night, and Buddy isn't so okay with my niece getting as much attention, or even more than, him. Still have no idea how I'm going to fix that. Open to suggestions!

Hopefully will be able to get back to blogging every day--I miss it!