Monday, January 20, 2014

Time Flies

Buddy is two years old. Two. Let that sink in for a minute, because it totally caught me off guard.

Now, I don't know his exact birthday, having picked him up from an oops litter from a woman who seemed more interested in getting her $20 than anything about the puppy. In fact, when we got him, we were in a parking lot, he was in her hatchback, and the laundry basket she'd put him in had apparently tipped right over and was residing on the top of his head. Hmm.

I do find that I'm enjoying him now more than when he was a puppy. Much more mellow (still goofy, but not crazy) and we have a working relationship now that means he picks up on what I'm trying to train or teach much faster. Of course he still has moments where he drives me nuts, but I'm definitely liking this better than 8 weeks to one year old.

I'm planning on a little celebration on his gotcha day (March 8) as well!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Car? For Me?

Yes! My very own car, which is wonderful news for me, and also for Buddy, as now I can sign him up for agility classes at the local obedience club without having to worry about finding a ride every week. It also means that he will no longer miss vet appts, and that this summer is going to be a lot of fun for the both of us--Two possible vacations are being planned out, as well as many trips to the lake, the pet store, and anywhere else I feel like going. I love not having to beg for rides!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Who's That?

I took a picture today of Buddy, that I don't even recognize him in.

He looks like a completely different dog! I can finally see what people mean when they say they could see the chow in his face.. And his neck. What does he need all that extra skin for anyways? Hmm, Buddy?

He certainly doesn't look like my goofy Buddy.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing Temps and Morning Walks

Hey everyone! Buddy and I have been having a few issues with our time management, and it seems we fell out of blogging on accident. Again. I will be better at this someday, you watch!

So, despite my time management misgivings recently, I've always been fairly good about walking Buddy at 7 am, which is right when the sun comes up. Except now, temps happen to be in the negatives at 7 am, or at least wind chill temps are. Remember when I was happy about living on top of a mountain? I take it back.

Of course, given Buddy's parentage (I'm referring mostly to the husky here, since that was the greatest influence in his coat type) I don't think he even notices the cold, so long as the ground isn't wet or snowed on. Which means he's just so happy about being outside, he wants to stay out there. This isn't really working for me.

Which means that every morning, at 7 am, I have to fight with my dog in cold ass weather to get him inside when we get back to the front porch. It's safe to say we're having some disagreements about that. Which is why it's now 7:30 and he still hasn't been walked. Sigh. Why can't we live in the tropics?