Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing Temps and Morning Walks

Hey everyone! Buddy and I have been having a few issues with our time management, and it seems we fell out of blogging on accident. Again. I will be better at this someday, you watch!

So, despite my time management misgivings recently, I've always been fairly good about walking Buddy at 7 am, which is right when the sun comes up. Except now, temps happen to be in the negatives at 7 am, or at least wind chill temps are. Remember when I was happy about living on top of a mountain? I take it back.

Of course, given Buddy's parentage (I'm referring mostly to the husky here, since that was the greatest influence in his coat type) I don't think he even notices the cold, so long as the ground isn't wet or snowed on. Which means he's just so happy about being outside, he wants to stay out there. This isn't really working for me.

Which means that every morning, at 7 am, I have to fight with my dog in cold ass weather to get him inside when we get back to the front porch. It's safe to say we're having some disagreements about that. Which is why it's now 7:30 and he still hasn't been walked. Sigh. Why can't we live in the tropics?

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  1. My crew doesn't seem to care how cold it is. Silly northern breed mixes.