Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Guard Dog, He is Not

Buddy would be an absolutely terrible guard dog. I have people ask me sometimes if that's why I got him, and although the deep pitch of his bark has come in handy when someone saw fit to play around in our backyard at midnight, he definitely isn't cut from the guard dog cloth.

For one thing, if voices get raised or tensions run high, he'll duck behind my legs to hide - as if no one would notice the 40 pound mass of scruffy fur peeking out at them.

For another, he's scared of my moms chihuahua, as well as all cats. Her chi definitely calls the shots when they play together - which is often, since I currently still live at home. And really, what self-respecting dog runs in fear from a 10 pound feline bully? Certainly no guard of humans would be caught dead showing fear to a meowing marauder.

Lastly, new people are always friends, never foe. He's of the firm belief that every hand is reaching to pet, and every pocket contains a treat. My dog has never met a person he didn't like.

So no. Buddy is no guard dog, but I love him all the same.

Is this the face of a dog who'd let a cat boss him around? Yes, yes it is.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dog of His Own

I am the proud owner of one totally unique dog-Buddy the mutt. He is of indiscernible ancestry, a tried and true heinz 57. I'm sure many of you out there are asking yourselves, what then, is so special about Buddy? The answer is nothing--and everything. The way he just loves to dig in water, be it his kiddie pool, the lake, or his bowl in the kitchen, he'll tear into liquid the way most dogs tear into dirt. The way he'll get so excited when you whistle or call him, that he'll slide his way across the kitchen linoleum, unable to contain his joy at being summoned. The way he sometimes forgets his size, and attempts to curl up in your lap, but sometimes remembers, and chooses to lay across your feet instead. The way he wags his whole body before dropping into a sitting position when I pull out the leash, the anticipation for his walk lighting up his eyes. The way he knows when something wrong, and alternates between forcing you to cuddle or making a total clown of himself to elicit a laugh. I don't delude myself into thinking no other dogs share these habits and traits with my dog, but I do know that Buddy's one of a kind, whether or not I've gotten you convinced.