Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I spend a bit more time than I'm willing to admit on the internet, and along with blogging, one of my favorite things to do is post on forums. I can think of three dog forums I've been on.

1) Dog Forum ( http://www.dogforum.com/ )

I seriously love this site. I continue to actively post about the happenings of me and my furry family. It's a wonderful site, a great place to go if you have any doggy-questions and you need an answer without judgement. Many knowledgeable animals lovers are happy to help.

2) Chihuahua-People ( http://www.chihuahua-people.com/ )

Hmm.. This is a good site, as long as you keep the conversation on chi's, or dogs of similar stature. Venture into discussing larger dogs, and things can get a bit heated, as I learned the hard way. So while I still occasionally post there, I make sure to keep the talk strictly on chihuahuas, like my Sophie. People over there will be very helpful and friendly with any chi-questions you might have.

3) Pit Bull Chat ( http://www.pitbull-chat.com/ )

I think I posted one thread here? People were very welcoming, though! I just never did go back. I plan on getting a Pit Bull in the future, when I have secure housing and finances, signed onto this site, and never went back--Due in no part to the people of the site. I always scan through a number of threads before joining a forum, as some can be less than welcoming, and this was one of those sites that caught my eye as being very friendly, and very informative--if a little brusque with some of their answers.

So, really, I would recommend Dog Forum to anyone with dogs, or even just a passion for dogs but who can't have a dog in their current situation. Chihuahua People is a great site for lovers of the breed, and Pit Bull Chat seems to be a good place for information on APBT's. Who knows, maybe I'll even start posting on there.

And an honorable mention to the folks at Hamster Central! ( http://www.hamstercentral.com/ ) Maybe the subject at hand isn't dog related, but it's a wonderful site for anyone who wants a hamster, be it for them or their kid. It was one of my favorite sites to twiddle away the time, when I had more time for twiddling. I would still be a frequent poster on there, but while I might spend a lot of time online, I don't spend all my time online. Buddy has to be walked sometimes, after all.

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