Thursday, May 9, 2013

Training goals-May

So, while Buddy is a fast learner, we've been having some issues with a few commands, and this month, I'm buckling down--He will learn!

He looks so eager to learn!

First of all, I'm going to work on his recall. Sure, he loves to come back to me, unless there's the slightest distraction, at all. I think every dog should have a good, reliable recall, even if they're never let off leash. So that's going to be priority number one for this month.

Secondly, his leash manners are appalling! At first, he refused to walk on a leash, at all. He just stood there, looking at me, and waiting for me to take off the contraption I had strapped him into. Pitiful. Eventually, though, he grew to love walking, and now gets really, really excited when I pull out the harness/leash. And he stays at that level of excitement for the whole walk. I've been trying to convince him yanking my arm out of it's socket every time we step out the door isn't really all that fun, but the concept isn't taking.

That's basically all I've got for this month. Alright, maybe I don't set high goals, but at least I have some, right?

Wish us luck!

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