Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Photo Day

Note: All the pics are unedited, because my internet is being spazzy. So I apologize if they aren't centered, since I couldn't crop them.

Today was warm outside, without being too warm, so I decided it was a great day for pics!


My favorite shot of the day

Coco (my grandmothers dog):


Fun fact; We recently had new neighbors move in, who've never seen me take pics before. The looks I got when I laid down under the tree and started doing half-yoga poses to take pictures were priceless.


  1. I love your green harness in the photos! Where did you get it? And the yoga poses were worth it- your pics are great.
    Dina Mom

    1. Thanks!

      We actually picked that harness up for $5 at Dollar General, just to tide us over until we could order a better one. But it works well, so for now, I'll keep using it :)