Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sophie.. Tuesday?

So, as I was quite busy on Saturday (didn't go to the flea market, but still had to work around the house and at the restaurant) and missed out on posting. Which I'm sure you noticed. Now, however, I thought I would catch you up on what's been happening in her life.

First of all, I switched her (and Buddy!) over to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula. I was going to feed Acana, but let's face it; It's expensive. Since I was only searching for grain free, I'm going to start on TOTW. If it helps with Buddy's condition, then I'll possibly switch them up.

Since it's only been a few feedings, I can't comment on how it's affected them, but I can say they seem to enjoy it! They wolf down their meals now, rather than picking at them. Will probably need to put a rock in their bowls to slow them down.

Also, I (sorta) bit the bullet and got Sophie a.. crate.. Okay, it's a bird cage. It was sitting around in our garage, gathering dust and certainly not housing any feathered friends. So I brought it inside, emptied it of the various collected bird toys, and stuffed a blanket in it. Voila! Dog crate.

The best part is how quickly she took to it!! In puppyhood, I tried for a month--A month of no sleeping, a month of crankiness, a month of what in the hell was I thinking bringing this adorable demon into my home--to get her to adapt to being crated at night. It didn't work. Now? I fed her one meal in it, the way I do Buddy, and she was going in their on her own to nap. Don't believe it? I didn't either, so I snapped some pics for proof.

Ignore the pile of bird toys.. I was feeling a wee bit lazy yesterday.

Do you see her? Snoozing under that blanket there? I was so proud!
Please note the gaping, open door.

I'm also pleased to note that she's beginning to show a bit of definition around her hips again. It's only noticeable if you've become obsessed with her weight and shape, as I have. But it's progress, and that's enough to keep me giddy (that's a fun word, dontcha think?)

Sorry for rambling on and on, but I'm very happy with what's been happening in Sophie's life right now! Now if only Buddy's back would clear up..

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