Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Medical Mystery

Buddy is currently a medical mystery. He's losing fur on his back, his back legs, and the base of his tail, and we don't know why! He's scratching like crazy too. I've heard that it's fleas, I've heard that it's mange, I've heard that it's seasonal allergies or allergies to grain. So many people are just doggy experts in Alabama, don'tcha know.

This photo shows the hair loss
He's supposed to go to the vet this week, but since it's not in walking distance, I'm having to trust that my mom won't steal the car when his appointment comes. Let's just say she isn't the most trustworthy, with these sorts of things.

The only thing we've found that helps is weekly baths with oatmeal shampoo, which I'm not too crazy about because of their frequency, but I'm willing to make an exception if it stops his itchy torture for a day. We're going to try using baby shampoo in addition to the oatmeal shampoo next week, and see what that does.

Good news though! I spoke to the instructor whose in charge of the CGC test next month, and she said that it wouldn't be a problem for him taking the test, since I had been upfront about it and was actively trying to solve whatever is wrong with him. Wooh!!


  1. That's how Nola looked (obviously it was much more pronounced due to her short fur) when she was having her corn/soy allergies. How's his poop? Gassy at all? Eyes gunky? Ears? Is he chewing his feet and butt?

    Please don't use baby soap! That will just make it worse as it's not balanced for their PH. If you have a food processor, grind up some oatmeal and add either a touch (like 1 tsp) of honey or coconut oil.


    1. His poop has been funny looking for a little over a week now, hard to explain really, but definitely not right. Something I've mentioned to my family and my vet, via the phone. Very, very gassy, eyes and ears are fine and clear, though. And he chews his feet and butt a LOT.

      Thanks for that! I haven't used it yet, so I won't, I've just been having to go off of other peoples advice, waiting for his appt with the vet. Not that they were helpful last time, they told me it was a hot spot that would go away on it's own. It didn't go away, it got bigger.

      I have a blender; Would that work?

    2. Should do just fine. Once you make it, rub it into his wet fur and massage for about 3-5 minutes.

      It really look and sounds like a food allergy to me.