Monday, June 24, 2013

A Growing Family

3 years ago, long before Buddy was even born, my parents got divorced. Which sucked, but we frequently visited my dad, so that was a +. But now, they're getting back together!! Can you feel my excitement on the other side of the computer screen? You should be able to!

My dad moved back in yesterday, and they're planning a wedding for October, probably in the mountains somewhere. Buddy and Sophie are coming too, of course. Now Sophie really has to slim down; Nobody likes to look chunky in wedding shots! Anybody know of Tux rentals for dogs? BOL!

There is, of course, a bit of growing pains associated with this exciting news; Namely, my dad is pretty set in his ways as far as dog care and training. I've told him the rules (no table scraps, Buddy's crated during meal time and at night, Sophie's on a diet and can't have treats, NO physical corrections, etc. etc.) and he's been doing very good at following them. It's the early days yet, though, and if I know my dad, he'll be slipping them bites of food before the month is out, among other things. Must be vigilant! And I'll possibly have to invest in Sophie a crate. Oh well.

Also, a slightly unfounded worry, he's never been the type for 'big dogs' in the house. Buddy weighs 50 pounds, so depending on your definitions, he's either large or medium sized. While I personally see him as a small dog (Well, compared to the Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds at our family reunions, anyways!) I worry about how he'll take to it. So far, so great!

So anywho, just wanted to share that bit of news with you, my readers, and to vent a little bit. Keep your paws crossed that things stay great!

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