Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hilltop Leather Shop Padded Dog Collar: Review

Two weeks ago, I received a padded leather dog collar from Hilltop Leather Shop to review. I chose royal blue padding with dark brown leather, and had Buddy's name and my phone number on the brass plate.

Not wanting to look at the camera!

About the shop:

Hill Top Leather Shop invites you to come on up to the hill!
Welcome to our little leather shop on the hill in Sadieville, Kentucky! All of our products are made one at a time by members of the Broner family. We have no factory, no assembly line, no inventory of "cookie cutter", pre-made items. When you place your order, we select and hand cut the leather for YOUR order. We stitch and/or crease to YOUR specifications. All edges are hand smoothed and the finish is hand painted and buffed to a fine luster. From start to finish, your product gets our personal attention to every last detail. We even do all of the engraving in our own shop to ensure the best of quality for you, our customer. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, before or after a purchase, we encourage you to give us a call. You will be talking to someone on the other end who has had their hands on your product from start to finish and who will do their best to ensure your complete satisfaction!

When I first put it on, the leather was very stiff, and hard to maneuver. Being not only leather, but also padded, I expected it to be stiff; Though not so stiff I couldn't put it on right. However, after two weeks, the collar became much easier to take off and put back on.

At the lake!
*Don't let you dogs swim with a leather collar on; It makes the collar stink!
(not learned through my own experience, thankfully)
The brass plate can get scratches on it very quickly, though. I expected the leather to get scratched (always a good idea to keep leather care products if you're going to use leather for anything!) I thought the brass plate would be harder to scratch. It didn't take very long for it to show signs of wear, though.


  • Beautiful
  • Very well made
  • Lots of options
  • Great prices!
  • Plate attached securely
  • Brass plate scratched after two weeks
All in all, Buddy and I give the Hilltop Leather Shop Padded Dog Collar 4.5/5 treats! We'll definitely be repeat customers, so head on over, and tell 'em Buddy sent you!


  1. I love Hilltop Leather Shop. I wish they made harnesses, too! Nola has a name plate collar in black with ultra blue padding. I haven't noticed any scratching on the plate at all (it's silver), and Nola's had it for about two months. She's a rough and tumble dog, too!

    1. Really? I wonder if the silver is harder to scratch than the brass. Or maybe it's just Buddy. The scratching hasn't messed up the engravings or anything, but they go all around the edges of the brass plate, with one long scratch in the middle.