Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Let me just take a mom moment to say I am sooo sore. I've been trying a bunch of new exercises lately (honestly probably too many new things at once to be a healthy decision) that have left my muscles screaming at me (and also turned me into a masochist of sorts, because I've come to love hearing them scream lol) and walking for hours on end two nights in a row hasn't helped. Yes, two, because my little cousin is just too special to only get one night of free candy (and because we had to go to different churches and festivals because her mom and mine have way too many friends and acquaintances.) And I'm holding Halloween fully accountable for my pain.

How mad do you think Buddy would be if we skipped our walk tomorrow so I could lay in a bathtub of ice? Who am I kidding, he'd kill me in my sleep and feel no remorse. Or he'd just tear through the house destroying everything in sight, which is totally more his style.

Eh.. Happy Halloween!

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