Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Death in the Doggy Family

Yesterday, my grandmothers dog got ran over. I warned her this would happen, told my mother to warn her this would happen, but she refused to tie her up or put her in a kennel or let her in the house. So I'm not surprised it happened, but I am still sad over it. Who's going to keep me and Buddy company on our morning walks now?

From when she got lost and Buddy and I had
to go find her.
Loving little bugger.

The worst part for me is that I was so annoyed at her yesterday morning, that I ignored her instead of playing with and petting her. I was sleepy, it was like 6 am but Buddy was insistent he had to go out right then, so I took him out. And when Coco started riling him up when all I wanted to do was sleep, I got mad and pulled Buddy into the house without so much as a by your leave to her. And that's the last time I'll ever have seen her. The guilt sucks.

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