Monday, October 7, 2013

A Sad Decision

I have been debating with myself over and over again on whether I should bring Buddy with me when I go to college, and have even been putting off going for two years trying to decide. Yesterday, the decision was made. He stays.

I would love to take him, I really would, but if I get accepted to my dream school, it's in Hawaii. They don't make bridges long enough for me to drive over there. And his 50 lbs are just a wee bit over the carry on limit. No way would I feel right putting him in cargo when he's got a perfectly good home right here with my parents. It would be beyond selfish.

The rats will probably be going along, though. I found a spot in the roommate agreement that says that if I can find a roomy who'll sign me a permission slip for having my little caged animals, they can stay in a dorm room with me! Now I just have to find someone who's willing to open their minds a little and not freak out at the sight of rats... But I won't be going until next august/september, so I've given myself plenty of time.

I know this decision is for the best, but I can't help but feel very sad over it. :(

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