Monday, October 21, 2013

A Hairy Rescue

Took Buddy out this morning to be greeted by incessant meowing from the treeline beside our house. Reef had spent the night outside! And, apparently, he was stuck in a tree. Oh, my poor, brain damaged kitty.

So I clipped Buddy to his tie out so he wouldn't pout about his outside time being cut short, snapped a picture to prove to my family once and for all this kitty was not as smart as they thought, and tried my best to make it to the base of the tree to go get him. It was too overgrown.

I began to call him, which only made him meow louder, to the annoyance of my neighbors. But eventually I did manage to coax him into working his own way down, only to have him jump into my arms and purr so loudly I couldn't hear myself think, while simultaneously shooting his stupidly long fur up my nose and giving me a headache. I unceremoniously deposited him in the front door, as any good hero would, and continued mine and Buddy's walk.

Something tells me he won't be sneaking outside again any time soon.

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