Monday, July 1, 2013

Where's The Loyalty?

As some of you know, my father has recently moved back in with us. (which is quite the adjustment, hence why I've been so spacey recently, not just here but everywhere. I've got to get myself back into a routine before I lose it!!) This entailed him giving up his job, as it was simply too far away for him to keep it up. He's waiting to hear back from a job right now. A key thing to know about my dad; He can't stand feeling useless. Recent activities include push mowing our two acres of land--with a perfectly good riding mower collecting dust in the garage!--cleaning the entire house--which was already clean--and pretty much taking over mine and my mothers trips to the flea market on Saturdays. No complaints from me on that one!

Another job he's chosen to spearhead is Buddy's care. Walking, feeding, brushing, bathing, he's taken it all over. Except for training for the CGC, he does it all. Which means that now, when Buddy wants to go out, it's my stepdad he's running to. When he's hungry, it's my dad he nudges towards his crate. I don't want to say anything (like I said, he's got another job lined up, he just needs the paperwork to come back) but my dog is starting to be.. not mine. Which let me tell you, kinda sucks. I like not being solely in charge of him, but damn it, where is all this mystical loyalty people talk about? I've been taking care of Buddy for a year and a half, and my dads been here two weeks tops. Ick. Sorry for the rant guys.


  1. I've noticed lots of larger breeds are like that; not exactly 1 person dogs. I'd talk to your dad.

    1. I haven't spent a lot of time around other large dogs, but I can say that up until this point, I'd always thought of Buddy as a one person dog. He'd barely listen to my brother or mother, only grudgingly doing what they asked of him, and he was raised around them. I don't know what it is about my dad!

      On a pissy note, my family has turned it into a sexist thing. "Oh, that's cuz women weren't made to have big dogs like him. Cuddle your chihuahua and accept that your dad is the alpha of the family, and Buddy can sense that." Hahaha, so funny, screw off.

      Sorry, Amanda. Didn't mean to rant at you. But I'm getting pretty sick of hearing that, over and over.