Monday, July 8, 2013

Training Woes and Celebrations

Buddy is driving me crazy with this loose leash training. I've been rewarding him every time he comes back to check on me, with the thought that he would begin to do it more. Sometimes, it really feels like it's working, and he'll stay at my side for an extended periods of time. Then he'll just run to the end of his leash and walk ahead of me. And if there's so much as one distraction (this morning it was a stray cat in the yard) I can kiss his focus goodbye. The CGC is only about two weeks away, and I'm beginning to think we may not be ready for it on time.

I'm sure they'll be holding another test in a few months, though, or if nothing else next year. So maybe we can't do it this month, but even if we can't, I'm sure we'll get it next time. And of course, a miracle could fall upon us, and he could learn to walk on a leash in the next two/three weeks. I'm not banking on that last one, though.

Something that's really helped speed his training along, though, is his Zukes Mini Naturals Treats! I was impressed with how much harder he was willing to work for them; He does even more than he will for a hot dog, and up to now those have been his favorites! He now stays, even when we're outside, with my grandmothers dog trying to entice him to play. He gets pretty antsy when I'm close to getting back to him, but he'll still hold a down or a sit. Not a stand though--And to be honest, I probably won't bother training a stand-stay, as I can't really think of a situation where down or sit wouldn't work.

Staying like a Star!

Wagging tail because I didn't abandon him.

Coco says hi
Staying in a different spot and
probably getting annoyed with me

Coming at my call

Impulse control

Or, as Buddy calls it, torture.


  1. Are you always trying to get him to be on loose leash? If yes, try giving a cue (I used okay when training Nola LL) to have him go ahead of you, and use that in addition to the reward of a treat.
    You could always just take the test and see how he does. I was 100% sure Nola would fail supervised separation, but she shockingly passed that with flying colors!

    1. I mean giving the cue as a reward when he does do LL!