Monday, July 29, 2013

We're Back!

You have my apologies, folks, for my extended absence. Buddy has been very urgently wanting me to get back on the blogging ball, and I've decided it's been long enough of a break.

Buddy didn't know what to do without the blog
to report back to!
Not much has happened since this little hiatus began; We missed the CGC, though, because my brother and his wife finally had their baby. A beautiful, healthy little girl--my niece!

We also lost two of our littlest animal members; Both hamsters succumbed to a mystery disease within a few days of each other, despite many syringe feedings of apple sauce and water mixed, we couldn't save them.

Moving on from the dismal, you can expect daily postings to resume as usual tomorrow! (Today? It's 3:30 am. I don't even know why I'm awake right now. Think I'm gonna take Buddy for one last walk and go to sleep)

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