Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Adventure

Buddy and I went on an adventure today! And we may have found the perfect place to walk.

The story behind our adventure is that my grandmothers dog ran off, and Buddy and I volunteered to be her search party. Off we went to brave the wilds in search of the brat, without so much as a lick of gratitude when we found her. That was okay, though, because she wasn't the only thing we found! There is an entire road that is abandoned near my house, easy to walk to; And obviously easy to walk through. Other than the occasional bark of a far off dog and the whistles of birds, we were completely alone. It was awesome, and I think I've finally solved my problem of having nowhere to walk Buddy!

Do you see the little bugger,
waltzing up the driveway??

It's never a bad time to practice your down stay!

A driveway and little space were cleared out for
a new house, but left to grow up for unknown
Investigating an irresistible smell.
The most recently abandoned house
I'm not too sure on the back story of this mass abandonment, but after talking with people.. I think it was a drug bust? A decade or two ago? Nobody in my family really seems to know, they just know what friends of friends of thrice-removed cousins have told them. Oh, well, it's a magnificent place to walk one's dog! 

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  1. Sounds like a mighty fun day! Bet your Gran was glad you found her dog; you're heroes!