Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy December!

Okay, seriously, someone needs to come give me lessons on how to use my new computer, because I've admitted defeat and am typing this on my mother's desktop computer. It's just soo much better than any of my past laptops, which is amazing. It would be even more amazing if I could figure out how to actually work it. But I digress.

What has Buddy been up to while his mother was beating her head against the wall in frustration, you ask? Not much! Though he may or may not have a little (older) sister coming (not a dog). More details when I get them; As of now, my instructions have been vague. Lol.

One positive? His hair is coming back for the winter! I have officially resigned myself to having a bald dog in the spring and the fall, as nothing I do seems to stand any significant chance against his allergies. All I can do is wait it out when they flare up and flip off anyone who says it's because I'm neglecting him.

Now you're caught up on our sub par week, so expect normal posting to resume tomorrow, with Wordless Wednesday!

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