Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Day

As many of you may know, a winter storm recently swept across the south. Living on top of a mountain means that we got around 10 inches. Go ahead, northerners, laugh your asses off at our measly little snowfall. Just try to remember, for us, that's a blizzard. There was no bread or milk to be found in a 100 mile radius, we were in a state of emergency, and nothing was open anywhere.

Of course, none of this mattered to Buddy, who proceeded to have an absolute blast play in the fluffy white alien substance. He ate it, he threw it around with his nose, he ran in many, many circles. That was the husky in him coming out, I guess. Unfortunately, between freaking out myself and trying to keep warm and well away from the snow, I didn't think to take pictures until two days later, at which point most of the stuff was gone. But Buddy still had a blast with it.

Yes, he is eating it right there. He seems to think it's tasty. I didn't test it.

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